Wednesday, July 9, 2008

And Then There Were 51

This post is going to be like an old set of hockey cards. You know, like back in 1990 when Score or Upper Deck would put out a Series II at the end of the season to put out cards of all the rookies/traded players. That's sort of like what this is.

You see, when I was up late the other night writing that mega post about NHL 94 I was also half asleep. Given that I don't drink (Paul) coffee or energy drinks, I wasn't thinking at full speed. You're smart though, and probably figured this out due to the critical mass of grammatical errors involved in the post.

But anyway, let's get to the point here. The point is that you readers are the best I could ask for. You picked up all my mistakes and handed them to me in a nice little basket, also called the comments. There were a ton of players that I left out including Nicklas Lidstrom. How I missed him the world will never know. So, this post is going to serve as an update to the NHL 94 post from a couple days ago. It's a "Series II" if you will. Thank you to everyone who sent in updates and/or responded positively.

Those that were forgotten but are now remembered:

Martin Straka

NHL 94 team: Pittsburgh Penguins

Current team: UFA/New York Rangers

Had a down year after two big 70+ point seasons with the Rangers. Still should get a nice payday through free agency. Or might just go back to Europe.

Nicklas Lidstrom

NHL 94 team: Detroit Red Wings

Current team: Take a wild guess

How this man escaped my mind the other night is beyond me. Arguably the biggest error in the history of the blog. If I was somebody of importance in the world, Wolf Blitzer would be berating me on CNN right now.

Geoff Sanderson

NHL 94 team: Hartford Whalers

Current team: Edmonton Oilers

Another one of those few remaining Whalers. Every time someone mentions how few are left it makes me feel old. Then I wonder how Connecticut ever got a pro sports team in the first place. Not that they didn't deserve it -- they did. But who did they have to sleep with to get it?

Brad May

NHL 94 team: Buffalo Sabres

Current team: Colorado Avalanche

After all these years, still making a living out of punching people in the face.

Rod Brind'Amour

NHL 94 team: Philadelphia Flyers

Current team: Carolina Hurricanes

Somehow I thought he retired, which is why he wasn't included earlier. Not the case, apparently.

Dmitri Yushkevich

NHL 94 team: Philadelphia Flyers

Current team: Somewhere in Russia

Josef Beranek

NHL 94 team: Philadelphia Flyers

Current team: Slava Praha HC (Czech.)

Never heard of him until ten minutes ago when I Googled him. He's spent the last five years or so with Slava Praha. That's probably why.

Martin Rucinsky

NHL 94 team: Quebec Nordiques

Current team: UFA/St. Louis Blues

Since I'm going by's rosters (as close to official as we might get), the following changes will not be approved. But, feel free to ignore me.

Martin Brodeur - Not on the Devils roster in NHL 94 (I had to do a double take, too).

Bryan Smolinski - Did play in the NHL in 1994. Did not get included in NHL 94. Serves him right for being a prick.

Jim Dowd - Snubbed by EA.

I'm sure there are more omissions, maybe even a few mistakes in this post. Keep 'em coming folks. You power the world.


  1. I think any of the omissions of guys playing in Europe (particularly Russia) should be viewed as completely understandable.

  2. I think brad may's currently on the ducks.

    You were pretty on point when you noted he's still kicking ass, though.

  3. If I remember correctly, Dowd wasn't part of the NHLPA for some daft reason, thus his exclusion that year.