Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Guest Lecturer Series: We Bleed Teal

The summer is a boring time in Hockeyville. You know this. To try and keep our sanity, various folks from around the internet will stop by to share their thoughts on hockey, their favorite team and of course, whatever random crap we can come up with. Our next contestant is Jason Plank from the San Jose Sharks blog We Bleed Teal. To set the record straight, the folks over there do not cut themselves. Our conversation starts in 3... 2... 1...

What is it like to watch JR play on a nightly basis? Is it everything
I've dreamed?

Considering the fact that most of your dream-time consists of you wetting the bed, I would have to say yes. JR brings out the inner child in us all.

The Sharks have finished with 98+ points in five of the last six seasons. In four of those seasons, they have exited the playoffs in the second round. Not to touch a nerve here but can you share with us any coping mechanisms that you may have developed? As an Islander fan, they would really come in handy the next time my dreams are shattered.

Random bouts of inebriation really seem to help. And listening to a lot of Kenny G- keeps you low key and helps you realize no one really takes themselves seriously so why should you.

Pretend you are GM Doug Wilson. What do you do to take the Sharks to the next level?

Sign Rob Blake for an exorbitant amount of money! I'm thinking 5 million sounds about right (/pull my hair out).

Honestly though, shoring up our defense was the way to do it -- we looked overmatched in that department in the Calgary and Dallas series'. Other than that, I fully believe we have a lot of weapons internally that are going to really hit their stride next season. Look for Patty Marleau to have a big year with Ron Wilson gone, and his no trade clause in effect (Patty had problems Ron last year, and the trade rumors affected his play tremendously).

In one sentence, what does this team need to do to get you to buy season tickets? (If you don't already have them)

Ax Sharky (he's my least favorite part of the experience at HP Pavilion).
What South Park character most resembles the Sharks organization?

I don't really watch South Park. Is there a character(s) who constantly come up short?

Kenny always seems to die a premature death and is easily one of the more popular characters on the show. Given the fact that people routinely jump on the Sharks' bandwagon in the spring prior to their 'imminent doom' kicking in, I'll go with him.

Thanks again to Jason for stopping by today. You can catch him over at We Bleed Teal in addition to being a frequent commenter around these parts.


  1. this is an interesting feature. I like it!

  2. This guy is a bozo, why did you feature him? Everyone knows the Sharks dont matter after the first round......