Friday, September 26, 2008

Brett Hull and Sean Avery: A Recipe for Endless Fun

Disclaimer: Not as funny as the real thing.

I'm always honest with you guys. I admit it when I miss something, and let me tell you did I ever miss something!

It's really amazing that no one acknowledged all the ramifications of this until it was noticed by Puck Daddy and Andrew in Dallas.

Brett Hull. And Sean Avery. In the same organization.

Yeah. I don't know how it took me a few months to realize all the hilarity that may ensue, but hey, better late than never.

There are times when a meteor hits another large piece of space matter and that small section of the universe is thrust into utter chaos. Earth knows all about that, in fact. But those occurrences are rarer than someone actually enjoying a Natty Light. In conclusion, they are very rare, indeed.

We're a lucky bunch, though. We might have just stumbled upon a whole new meteor right before it smashes into a planet and bursts into flames. That's good for us because we'll get to see the galactic-sized train wreck that occurs. Oh, and it looks like the collision is starting to occur. Hull appeared on TSN's Off the Record and had the following to say about Avery.

While Avery - the league's biggest agitator - has no reservations when it comes to getting under an opponent's skin, his former roommate-turned boss has established a limit.

"Just one," Hull explained to TSN. "(I said) as long as you don't embarrass the organization, you can do, say or act any way you want."

And what about getting a stick up in a goaltender's face like he did last spring against Martin Brodeur? "(That's not acceptable) to me because that's not the way you play hockey," Hull told Off the Record. "Why would you want to do that? Why don't you want to get open and get a shot away? But that was before he was with me."

So here's to you, Brett and Sean (raises glass). May you provide us with endless entertainment throughout the regular season. And may Sean not quit his day job for a gig at Vogue Magazine.


  1. Damn. Sometimes the fanfic writes itself

  2. The attention to detail is phenomenal. Hull's skate is pre-positioned for early entry into the crease.