Thursday, September 4, 2008

Stan Fischler Acknowledges Blogs, Earth Does Not Collapse in on Itself

Despite the fact that Stan Fischler has had a blog on MSG for quite some time and has written for the New England Hockey Journal, I, for one, have never been quite convinced that Stan has actually been writing the articles. I always figured that they were ghost written or that he put his thoughts down on a typewriter and his editor had an intern post Stan's ramblings on the web. In fact, while Stan has been doing Devils' intermission reports for quite some time now, I was always convinced that there was a puppeteer always just out of view above him. Maybe I was wrong.

Today, there's some evidence to support my wrong-ness. Apparently Stan, if he is indeed writing on the internets, acknowledged the Puck Daddy blog. Now I know this sounds crazy, but there is an actual, tangible quote here to support this.

Ted Leonsis had every reason to be upset by Yahoo! NHL writer Ross McKeon’s “Five Ways I’d Change the NHL” piece that recently ran in the uproarious Puck Daddy blog. One of his improvements involved dumping six teams – Washington, Florida, Tampa Bay, Atlanta, Carolina and Nashville – from the NHL landscape. Following Leonsis’ rebuke on his own blog, Ted’s Take,

So, not only does Stan keep track of blogger/owner wars just like us, but he also reads arguably the most popular hockey blog on the internet... Just. Like. Us. If that doesn't scare the bejeezus out of you, I don't know what does. Thankfully all tall buildings are still standing and the sun has not burned out. Yet.

But there you have it. We have a lot more in common with one crazy, crazy old coot than we thought. A lot more. And it's actually a little frightening. But more in that 'grandpa was really once our age' kind of way.


  1. "'grandpa was really once our age' "

    Except back then you wore an onion on your belt, which was the style at the time.

  2. Thank you for picking up this historic story for the hockey blogosphere, sir.


    Greg "Uproarious!" Wyshynski

  3. Wow, Wyshinski! himself is here. Does that mean I have to tuck in my shirt and put on shies and stuff?

  4. @ ld: yes, the occasion requires a suit. which i do not even own.

  5. @ld more like buckling up your fight strap.