Monday, October 13, 2008

Highlights of the Week: No Puck Dropping from [Name Censored], We Promise (10/6-10/12)

Mondays here at BMR mean a look back at the best plays from the last week. During the regular season and throughout the playoffs, I'll be recapping the best videos from around the NHL during the last seven days. They might be fights, goals or Vice Presidential Candidates dropping the ceremonial faceoff. Anything, really. Kind of like what goes on here every day of the week.

No matter who you are planning on voting for this November, I think we can all agree there has been enough talk about [name censored] dropping the puck at the Flyers game on Saturday. It's done, [name censored] more or less got booed, let's move on.

And move on, we will. There were plenty of other great videos from the first real week of the NHL season. Here's a look at the top plays from the last seven days, the [name censored] edition.

5. Jarome Iginla Knocks Down Willie Mitchell

There's nothing more gratifying to fight fans than watching a big knockout. I don't think Willie Mitchell ever loses consciousness, but he took a heck of a shot from Jarome Iginla. That leads Kent of Five Hole Fanatics to wonder who, exactly, is the Flames enforcer.

"Also, does anyone get the feeling that Iginla is a better scrapper than our current "enforcer" (although Roy now has more goals than Iginla, so...)?"

4. Nashville Area Woman gives Sean Avery the business.

Man, this lady has some guts. Avery is the biggest mouth in the NHL and he looks, well, stunned when some random lady sitting next to the penalty box goes off on him. +5 to her, wherever she is. You have to fast forward to the last 15 seconds of the video to catch it, but the rest of it is entertaining, too.

3. Zach Parise Beats the Penguins

If you're a Pens fan, this is going to bring up some bad memories. Saturday night the Pens surrendered a 1-0 third period lead, as Patrick Elias banked a shot off of Hal Gill and past Marc-Andre Fleury. In overtime, Travis Zajac threw a ridiculous lob pass to Zach Parise who ended the game.

2. Jordin Tootoo vs. Boris Valabik

It's quite possibly the most mismatched fight you will ever see, at least in terms of the fighters' size. Valabik is 6'7" and Tootoo is 5'9" but as you probably know, Tootoo is a pretty good fighter and also apparently isn't afraid of anyone. Just make sure you turn off you speakers, the audio on this video is ridiculously loud.

1. Def Leppard Does Not Understand the Stanley Cup

You've likely seen this video by now, but if you haven't, you'll be left dumbfounded. I didn't realize that the Stanley Cup needed an instruction manual on how to handle it. Now I know.

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