Monday, October 13, 2008

Oilers Snatch Victory From the Hands of Overtime

Time for a little west coast love. We don't give 'em enough as it is and since Ryan in Minnesota doesn't exactly qualify as west coast (to those of us on the eastern shore, it might as well be), I would say the folks out there are due for a little.

I have no idea how they did it, but the Oilers -- OK, so they're not exactly on the coast per se -- managed three goals and a 'W' while being out shot 33-19. Pretty impressive, but all the more so because they did it in sweet ass throwback unis. I could have sworn it was Gretzky and Messier skating around out there instead of Penner and Gagner. And that is of course ignoring the difference in skill between those two pairs of players. But seriously, how sweet are these unis? They're a little odd when put into a modern context, but there's nothing like bright orange and true blue (believe me, I know).

Anyway, I honestly didn't see enough of the game to make any serious statements about it. For that, I'll yield to the authorities at Lowe Tide and Covered in Oil. However, it's pretty clear Dustin Penner was more or less completely responsible for the outcome in this one. He scored twice in the third, first breaking a 1-1 tie and then a 2-2 tie. His second was as clutch as clutch can be, coming with 5.4 seconds remaining in the third. Please, you watch...

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