Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Versus [drinking] Game of the Week (Florida at Montreal)

Did you think last week was the only time we would be doing the VDGOTW? For heavens sake, people, they sell alcohol all the time! I'm in the process of moving, so I could definitely use an excuse to drink. Florida - Montreal on Monday sounds like a good enough reason to me. As always, add your own rules in the comments.


... every time they make a comparison between Miami and Montreal, twice if they refer to the St. Lawrence riverfront as a "beach".

... if you tuned in to watch Olli Jokinen

... every time a comparison is made between Carey Price and great Habs goaltenders of yore like Jose Theodore, Jocelyn Thibault or Jeff Hackett. What's with the J names, Montreal?

... if the Panthers Ice Girls made the trip, drink when they get some camera time. If they didn't, drink every time the camera catches a Montreal girl who looks good enough to be an ice girl.

... if they replay the Richard Zednik injury from last year. Chug for as long as you turn away from the TV.

... because you're watching the FLORIDA PANTHERS.


  1. They have some pretty good looking girls up there in Montreal. Exactly how drunk do you want me to be for this thing?

  2. Two drinks anytime they say "The Price is Right."

  3. you get to drink if you haver versus

    also drink the entire time price goes through puberty.

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  5. Two drinks if they compare Carey Price to Patrick Roy (Three if you're an Avs fan.)

  6. If Joe Beninnati is calling the game, drink every time he says "On Versus"

  7. ...every time someone brings up the Luongo-to-Vancouver trade. (Double if you're a Cats fan.)