Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Versus [Drinking] Game of the Week: (Toronto at Detroit)

I have drawn the assignment of Thursday writing here at BMR, which, this week, happens to coincide with the day Versus is airing their first pair of games on the season. It won't always be the case, but the Versus games are the only games that us plebians without the NHL package can share as a group, and that should be celebrated.

If you've read the past couple weeks, you'll realize that I'm not so good with "previews". What you may not know is that I AM good at drinking. True story, I snapped awake about half an hour ago with a case of the "I drank way too much Captain Morgan last nights". I'm not sick, per se, but if you have ever set sail with the Captain, you'll understand that I'm losing 6 pounds today, one way or another. So, since drinking is on my mind, and the fact that its hockey's real opening day and I'm not going to sleep again anytime soon, I figure we should kick off our first drinking game of the season.

If you don't know how this works, you've never been to college or lived in Manitoba. I'm just going to give you a run down of some suggested situations for when to drink. Other ideas are encouraged in the comments. Here we go!


... every time Mats Sundin is mentioned. Twice if they suggest he might end up in Detroit. Thrice if they mention that Nik Antropov has to pick up the offensive slack. Chug if you're a Leafs fan.

... every time they show a team captain. I still have Captain on the brain.

... every time the word "opening" is used, like "opening night", "opening period", "opening goal", or "Van Ryn checks Hossa into the boards, opening a large gash across his forehead."

... if Jiri Tlusty's past indescretions are brought up. Take off your pants and drink three more times if they actually mention his wee wee.

... when the Red Wings score. No. Kidding. I don't want to kill you.


  1. For those of you watching one of the other games on VS...

    ...drink every time it's not in HD because the PGA tour take precedence. So Much Hate.

    ...drink every time Joe Sakic breaks a hip.

    ...drink every time Patrice Bergeron makes a hit.

    ...during every fight, sing a verse of the hockey song, drink, sing a verse, drink, etc. Good for little guy fights, not so much for your boogaards and your charas.

  2. ... drink everytime Doc Emrick pisses you off... That one might be for just me.

  3. Great idea with the drinking game. I'm looking forward to sure death.

    Go Leafs Go.

  4. Kevin- if that Doc rule applied to me, I would be pickled by the end of the first period.