Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Give yourself a pat on the back, dear reader! (Or, if someone is sitting near you, have them pat you on the back and then return the favor -- but only if they also read BMR.) We have officially made it 48 hours without posting a YouTube video. A noble feat, to be sure. I spent all of two days minutes brainstorming up ways for us to celebrate. I bet you'll never guess how I decided for us to celebrate. Go on, take a guess. I'll wait for you.

Got it? Did you say "with a YouTube video?" Well then you're right! There's no better way to enjoy our accomplishment at Embedded Video Rehab than by going right back on the junk, at least that's what the guy outside Circle K told me last night. So enjoy, and pretend Stephen Colbert's balloons and confetti are our own (Hey, with a budget of nothing, it's hard to afford your own balloons and confetti).

And a couple side notes: This is the link to my latest at FanHouse. Handy Guides will not be shown today because, well, it was shown yesterday (I got excited). And Ryan will be in tomorrow for his usual Thursday visit of drinking games and awesomeness.

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