Tuesday, October 28, 2008

You Don't Know Stamkos

Thanks to reader Michael B, we've got a look at a new Nike spot featuring Tampa's Wonder Child, Steven Stamkos. It is in recognition of Stamkos' first game in his hometown of Toronto, which happens to be tonight when the Lightning faceoff against the Leafs in the Big TO at 7:30pm. (OK, so he was technically born in Markham, Ontario, but it's a suburb of Toronto.)

Here's a little more info on the ad:

Even before becoming first pick in the 2008 NHL Entry Draft, Steven Stamkos had a history of being first. But that was then - and no one makes it in the big leagues by living in the past.

Today (Oct.28) marks the first time Steven Stamkos will play in his hometown of Toronto as an NHL athlete. The moment only happens once in a lifetime. To mark this significant date and introduce Stamkos as a Nike athlete this Just Do It (JDI) spot had been just released online.

It's a pretty sweet commercial, if you ask me. All the footage from his childhood really makes it great. Gotta love Nike. You can always count on them to make sick commercials, no matter the athlete or sport that is involved.


  1. This is the best Nike commercial; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=anwlpTgbQTE

  2. That one is really, really sick. I completely forgot about it. Probably my favorite one.

  3. Stamkos got more ice time in that commercial than he has in Tampa.

    *bada bing!*

    thank you, I'll be here all week

  4. And I think it would be better if Nike used Schenn. Not just because Schenn is one of my crushes. But I think his story is more interesting.

  5. When I return to my hometown, no commercials are made of me. I wonder what I am doing wrong?