Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Complete Coverage of Avery Sloppy Seconds Gate at Fanhouse

Do you need your Sean Avery fix? Has the entire blogosphere spontaneously erupting into a fiery mess left you craving more devastation? Yea, me too.

So head on over to FanHouse while you're on your lunch break and check out all the lovely poems that have been written about Mr. Avery's female encounters.

/ end shameless plug


  1. OK, I don't get it. Basketball and football and baseball players behave shamelessly - and stay employed (unless incarcerated). Avery makes a crude statement and gets suspended?

  2. Not that I think highly of Avery, by any means. He seems to be a failry complete doofus - one I wouldn't want on my team for a minute. But the suspension for the tacky comment seems a little out of line to me.