Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Seriously, This is What You Settled On?

Yesterday the Phoenix Coyotes released some pictures of the many, many options they were considering when designing their new third jersey. In the end, they settled on a black jersey with some kind of prancing coyote and not much else on it (I called them out a bit on this last Friday at FanHouse).

The picture to your right is the jersey they settled on. I mean, I guess it gets the job done. It's something different at the very least. And it's not that bad to look at.

Here's what Russell Brooks led off with when he wrote a press-release about the jerseys yesterday:

"The Coyotes put about 15 months of thought and hard work into their new third jersey, which they debuted on Nov. 28 against the Colorado Avalanche."

15 months. That's more time than it takes to make a baby. Think about that. All that and a picture of a confused Ollie Jokinen wearing a prancing/flailing/dying coyote is all they got for it.

Way. To. Go.

So now you've probably come to figure out that I've been leading you to believe that the 'Yotes had much better options when it came to this jersey. And yes, there are much better options. And yes, I don't know why I'm writing about this -- I'm not buying the jersey no matter what it looks like.

But hey, here are three perfectly nice options.

What do I know, though. I'm no artist.


  1. Got to say, I am loving that first one.

  2. Jokinen looks always confused... and also sounds like he has hit his head too many times.

    The one with sitting coyote was almost good