Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Versus [drinking] Game of the Week (Colorado at Detroit)

Hopefully, Budaj-Osgood can be this intense

Not long ago, Detroit-Colorado was one of the premier rivalries in the NHL, then the Avs got old. The Red Wings did too, but for whatever reason, it didn't matter. For those that enjoy watching the same two teams on national television every time they play, this is the game for you. This is the NHL's version of the Yankees-Red Sox or Cowboys-Redskins. Basically, if you aren't a fan of one of the two teams in question, when this game comes on, you're hoping for the meteor. Instead of a meteor, let's just get bombed on Monday night.


... every time "Kopecky" is said. Drink twice if it's not said the same way twice. Add a drink for every different pronunciation.

... for every finger you've never injured with a snowblower

... ironically every time there is a Honda ad.

... throughout any Steve Yzerman video montage.

... if you are so drunk that you giggle at "Babcock". Heh. Babcock.


  1. I lost so many fingers in a snowblower accident, I can't hold the glass to take a drink.

    And yet, how did I type this?

    Touche, sir, touche.

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