Thursday, December 11, 2008

Tampa Wars: The Len Barrie Strikes Back

A few days ago, Barry Melrose lashed out -- or bitch slapped, however you want to say it -- the Lightning and a few choice people in the organization. It really wasn't the prettiest way to handle the situation for all involved. But that's life. Sometimes firings get all messy and cat fighty.

Prior to the Bolts game last night in Buffalo, Len Barrie decided that he wouldn't be above all this nonsense. In fact, he wanted to be a part of it and even fan the flames a bit, so we can all pull out our lawn chairs and watch this baby burn! Good times for all not involved. Good times, indeed.

Here are the choice cuts from Barrie, with some help from FanHouse's Adam Gretz. Might as well give them both equal treatment, hockey card and all.

"I knew we were in trouble when we went to Prague and Barry wanted to play the (defensive) left wing lock."

Ooooohhh! Not the left wing lock diss!

Barrie on Stamkos:

"everyone knows this kid is a star player."

Thanks. Thanks for that epic analysis.

None of that was really all too exciting. But you know what is? This quote:

"He went at guys personally and he challenged the team, which is fine. Coaches have to do that. But you have to have guys respond ... But my thing is you're paid to do a job, and he didn't do it from day one. How he came in and prepared for this job was total negligence."

There you go. Them's fightnin' words! Consider me now prepared for Melrose's rebuttal. Barry, if you're reading this and know what a blog is, email your rebuttal to the following address:

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