Monday, December 1, 2008

Your Highlight of the Week: Sidney Crosby is en Fuego

Consider this your obligatory Dictator Crosby Propaganda video of the week with your obligatory Islander-tie in. I know a lot of people outside of Pittsburgh get tired of all the towel waving, communist-style military parades held for Crosby by those in the blogosphere and MSM. OK, maybe I made up the communist style-military parades part but you know what I mean. People in the media like to give the ol' pat on the back to the Kid. A lot.

But sometimes, it's deserved. As, I hope, this one is. He's goal six goals, three assists and is +8 in his last three games. It all started last Wednesday on Long Island when the Pens overcame a 3-0 deficit to beat the Islanders 5-3. Who would of thought that the Islanders, of all teams, would be the ones that could light the fire under Sid?

Oh and one more thing. He's taken 16 shots. So that's six goals on 16 shots, a .375 clip. Or, if you like, he's scored 5 goals on his last 11 shots. A .450 clip. Jesus.

So please enjoy the accompanying clip of Crosby lighting up the Devils for three goals on Saturday night. I promise this is the most you'll see about him here this week. Unless, of course, he gets arrested or starts dating someone really, really hot. At that point, everyone will want to talk about him.

Finally, to all the Crosby haters out there: Be thankful I didn't make this post a Top 5 countdown.

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