Thursday, January 8, 2009

"All Star" means old in French

Keith Tkachuk or Kenny Mayne in a Blues jersey

Really? Keith Tkachuk is going to Montreal? Let's check out the gaudy numbers that clearly led to his inclusion...

Ooh, 41st in goals scored (14)
153rd in assists! (13)
This adds up to 27 points, which is 86th best in the league. Awesome!

The only thing he seems to excel at is power play goals, where he is 3rd in the league. I would hate to think that Tkachuk is an all star solely because he is old and used to be good. If we do that, we might as well let Modano in.

Oh, wait.


  1. By this logic, shouldn't they let in Joe Sakic and the snowblower?

  2. I can only imagine Tkachuk is the only Blue going and they had to put SOMEONE from St. Louis in there.

  3. Well, the snowblower is a 2003 model, so... not that old

  4. There is a facet to All Star selections that is similar to Lifetime Achievement Oscars.

  5. There's actually no rule that says that every team must be represented, like there is in MLB. They do try, but it's not actually a requirement, and teams have been left out before now.

    It's hard to pick out a Blue having an All-Star year right now. Brad Boyes? Better offense but he's -22 (!!!). Legace's got a winning record, but a sub-.900 saves %. Mason's GAA and % are both better but he's 3-12 or something like that.

  6. Based on last year's performance coupled with this years (+/- not withstanding), Boyes would have been the best pick out there for the Blues. I love Walt and appreciate what he brings to the team, but the nostalga's not really appropriate. He's been in, what, 3 ASGs already? It's hard to pick someone, but he's gotta be it, especially since Berglund's in the Youngstars Game.

  7. Perhaps they're doing it by weight this year.