Monday, January 5, 2009

The New Sheriff

Hi. I'm Ryan. You might remember me from such things as last Thursday. Despite all the deserved commotion as Kevin steps away (we may see him again. We'll see) and the addition of Loser Domi and Dave WufPirate (it's German, I believe) you may have forgotten about me. Don't, please. My mom says I'm very important.
The thing is, I'm going to be taking care of BMR here, so, instead of harassing Kevin with your Islander related taunts, harass me with Wild related taunts! My e-mail is over on the side there, thevictimes[at] (because I write at The Victoria Times as well, see. Check it out if you want to read about not hockey some time.)
Now, what can you expect in terms of changes? Probably not much. I mean, the three of us, Ms. Domi, Mr. WufPirate and I, all have different styles from each other, and from Kevin, but we all love hockey, like mullets and hate the Leafs appreciate tips and comments. In the months ahead, look forward to somewhat fewer Youtube videos and a lot more parenthesees. I am a parenthetical whore.
Dave and LD will be in tomorrow and Wednesday, and we may yet see Mr. Schultz before he rides off into the sunset later this evening.


  1. Not hockey? Is that some kind of new sport I've never heard of?

    And hey, at the very least I can be a commenter now. I'll be gunning for LD's 393 over there...

  2. I believe in you Kevin. I believe in you.

  3. I have the same addiction to parentheses... you're not alone in this Ryan... there are others out there who can help.

    If you know any ellipses support groups too, please let me know.

  4. Ellipses?... I've not been known to use ellipses...

  5. So now its official. Weekend daddy has become regular daddy. I better be getting a pony out of this deal, that's all I'm saying.