Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Two really old, but really cool hockey fans

Hello ya'll. Dave here. I'm flattered that Kevin was drunk enough kind enough to ask me to contribute here. Best of luck to him.

Kevin mentioned that I'm a Hurricanes fan. As my first post here at BMR, I'ma tell the tale of two of my fellow Caniacs. The first one you may be familiar with:

Ric Flair is a native North Carolinian. He's been doing that spiel on the jumbo-tron since around 2002 at the RBC Center every time the Canes score a goal. True story: when I was around 5 or 6 - my Pops took my brother and I out to our local hot dog stand, Doggie Diner. While we were enjoying our dogs - this pink, convertible Cadillac pulls in. Sure enough, it was "The Nature Boy" himself. He got out, waved and smiled to those of us who recognized him and ordered a foot-long hot dog. His hand was so big, that the 12" of hot dog easily fit inside the palm of his hand. (insert dirty joke here)

The man who seemed larger than life on TV battling Ricky "the Dragon" Steamboat was now just a commoner. As cool as that day was - I still get to see him all the time. You see, Ric Flair is a Hurricanes season ticket holder. He is usually always in his seat as you can't miss that flashy white hair. But man, does he look old. Like - doesn't even stand up to join in the chorus of "WOOOOs" that rain down after a goal - old.

Still, props to him for all he's done for wrestling and all he continues to do in support of the Canes.

The other person I'd like to bring to light is the one and only Dancin' Granny:

Dancin' Granny has become a fixture at the Canes games over the past few years. She's always in the same seat. She's always got her jersey on. The little old lady that can't be any taller than 5' dances her way onto the jumbotron and provides a rally cry to the team and fans. Hell, there's been nights where the Hurricanes played so bad that watching Granny dance was the highlight of the evening.

So here's to you, Nature Boy & Dancin' Granny: may the wind be at your back, your WOOOOs lively and your dance moves flashy.

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  1. Rick Flair is one of the coolest old men on the planet. What a great celebrity season-ticket holder.