Thursday, January 15, 2009

Rejected Sites for the Next Winter Classic

Yesterday NHL COO John Collins spoke with Bloomberg Radio about possible locales for future Winter Classics. Pretty much every idea under the sun was tossed around including Las Vegas and even, yes, the Rose Bowl. Somehow, I don't think that would mesh with the temperatures and college bowl season, but I also don't think it's very high on the NHL's radar for locales.

Anyway, I've used my superpowers to read the minds of the folks at NHL HQ. They had a number of ideas for locales that were interesting, but have since been scrapped. Those ideas are as follows:

  • Chris Pronger's front teeth

  • Canada

  • The internet

  • Mystery, Alaska

  • Best Buy

  • Texa$

  • Wherever it was the mighty ducks played during the movie

  • Your Mom's house

  • Zdeno Chara


  1. How about in a Honda or Toro snowblower showroom in a death match?

    Or Brian Burkes ego? You could have a tournament there.