Sunday, January 4, 2009

A Shovel to Rule All Shovels

Snowed in this winter? Living somewhere in rural Canada (or Buffalo) under tons of snow? Simply want to bitch slap mother nature when she tries to keep you inside with another blizzard?

Well, you can thank me later, because right now you need only one thing. The ManPlow. You see this isn't a simple snow shovel. No, it's a plow in your hands. In one fell swoop you can clear your driveway, or even an entire expressway. Why, just look at the guy to your right! He cleared his driveway from a snowdrift that was taller than him! And he's at least seven feet tall. Look behind him, he has even perfectly cleared the street in front of his house. Who knows how many neighbors he's dug out, too.

But enough from me, here's what the makers of the ManPlow have to say:

"The next evolution in snow shovels is here. Don't throw snow with an ordinary snow shovel when you can plow it with MANPLOW."

That's right. You're a man. You don't need some sissy snow shovel. You need a plow. Cause you're a man. And you eat steak and lift cars with one hand tied behind your back. And do other manly things.

So don't just sit inside and cry when it snows. Get outside and give mother nature some of what she deserves for piling snow on you all these years! You'll probably grow some chest hair too!

*This is a real product and we were in no way paid to say this. It's just that absurd and hilarious.


  1. Well, at least you can't get your hand mangled in it right? How does the current Master of the Universe feel about things?

  2. "Manplow"? Sounds like a series of gay pornos

  3. Do you think this thing works right? I'm interested in buying one to be quite honest.

  4. Pretty much anything with the word "plow" in it will forever bring absurdity.

  5. It doesn't look worth it... The website was selling them for $100+. That's more absurd than the All-Star Starters