Sunday, January 4, 2009

When Hockey Fights Go Bad: Semin vs. Staal

This is going to be a YouTube post, so there's one drink for you already if you're playing along at home.

If you were watching the Caps/Rangers game last night -- which you probably weren't unless you're a fan of either team since there were 10 other games on the schedule -- you saw one of the oddest fights in recent memory. Mark Staal of the Rangers getting pummeled with what can only be described as 'slaps' by Alex Semin of the Capitals.

In the wake of Sidney Crosby fight-gate, I didn't think we would get another odd fight so quickly. And then we had Semin and Staal doing their best to totally confuse and bewilder us.

"...we have Semin who seems to have developed a strategy similar to the ones we all used to see in high school. You know, when Jessica tried to fight Nicole for kissing Josh behind the pop machine."

That's probably the most accurate description we're going to get, courtesy of Adam Gretz of FanHouse. There's a reason certain types of players in the league don't fight, and these two guys just proved it to us.

And yes, I did just tag this post as "Dance Fightning".


  1. Wow...well at least it wasn't aggressive hugging?

    I think? I dunno.

  2. He like so didn't started it. Staal was being a biatch to him and Ovechkin so he totallee deserved to be used as bongos.

    I hate when I'm forced to make jokes about my favorite players... Damn you Semin. Thanks for the reason to use Britney Spears song in the headline though.
    At least he didn't try hit Staal's ass/balls.

  3. How screwy is Semin's underclothes? I saw that and was like "dammit, even for a russian hockey player, the boyo is PALE"

  4. Semin's underclothes? Bow chicka wow wow.

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