Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Versus [drinking] Game of the Week (Minnesota at Chicago)

Wheee! A zeppelin!

The forecast temperature for 7am Thursday here in Minnesota? -31. Thirty one degrees below zero. Sweet fanciful Moses. I'm indoors with the heat cranked up, and I'm wearing 17 layers, including the official Barry Melrose Rocks Enforcer cardigan. That being said, I recommend some Wild Turkey or, you know, anything to keep you warm, especially if you are watching it from the barren wasteland that is Minnesota. Forgive me if this is Wild-centric. At least there aren't any hilarious pictures with funny captions. The last thing my posts need is fun.


... when Cal Clutterbuck's name is inevitably screwed up. Three times if the name needs to be bleeped. (I make this joke every damn time)

... for every chew Jacques Lemaire gets on his gum while he's on camera. Double if you actually see the gum.

... when the Wild dump it back to Marc-Andre Bergeron at their own blue line instead of sending a lead pass to a winger to force the action. Hopefully you don't have to work Tuesday.

... a forty if the game ends with less than 3 goals scored.

... because, I don't know something about Chicago.

... because this is the second time a Wild-Hawks game has been on Versus. It's the new Red Wings-Avs!


  1. There's an official Barry Melrose Rocks Enforcer cardigan? I want one!

  2. See, I can only think of two rules that would send everybody to the hospital. But here they are anyway:

    Drink when Kane and/or Toews is fawned over or mentioned as all-star starters.

    Drink when anybody says "On Versus."

  3. Drink every time your beer explodes due to the sub-zero temps. Or eat the foamy slush, either/or.