Thursday, February 5, 2009

BMR Fantasy League Update Week 18

After a 11-0-1 beatdown of Eric McErlain last week, my team (with possibly the gayest fantasy team name ever) The Dangling Didgeridoos are rapidly moving up the standings. Somehow or another, JT60 was left unclaimed and since his pickup, combined with Nabby from the Sharks, I haven't lost a goaltending matchup. I credit the strength of the Rogaine and the intimidating fear of the endless army of puck bunny power behind Theodore. It totally has nothing to do with how good his Capitals teammates are. Nothing at all.

/finishes tooting his own horn

Ryan has also been on a tear here lately with his Neckar & Prizes goodness. Earl Sleek and Mr. Plank continue to dominate the league as we inch closer to the playoffs.

And yes, Schultz and Loser Domi continue to round out the basement with Kevin now in dead last.

Any of you players out there care to agree on a trophy/small wager for the eventual victor here?Update** to appease Kevin and the other folks in the freeforall league, that screen grab is above. Those other folks must suck really bad if they're all losing to Schultz.


  1. Seeing as how I have moved from 9th to 10th place over THE LAST 3 MONTHS, forgive me if I don't want to partake in the small trophy/wager idea.

  2. Considering I'm still on top ahead of Schultz in the free-for-all league, my suckitude is only marginally less than those underneath him.

    First place is a precarious position. LOL

  3. After being belittled a few updates ago, I am focused at moving up the ranks. If all continues well, hopefully I will be above the Shultz line when all is said and done.

    Tugnutt the Nordique Ice Wall.

  4. @ BlackCapricorn/Magz

    Excuses are for suckas.