Thursday, February 5, 2009

BREAKING NEWS: Age No Match for Cherry, Plans to Take On Hunger, Poverty Next

In this re-occurring segment entitled Breaking News, we'll take a look at some of the most interesting headlines of the day. Of course, I'll probably forget about this feature in a few weeks.

Today's headline comes from Tim Wharnsby of the Globe and Mail. A big thanks to Tim for his contribution today.

Here are some sub-headlines that might be relevant to the story. I didn't actually read it though, so they may not be entirely accurate.

Age no match for Cherry...

...But shoe tying is cumbersome.

...AIDS, cancer are afraid that they will be next.

...Proves that commentator is the fountain of youth.

...Gay rights groups are another story.

...Feels the wrath of Grapes (ba dum bum).

...Plans to fight Zorkon Master of the Universe next.

...Still has yet to win at Monopoly.

...Can also make Chuck Norris cry like a baby.


  1. Wouldn't you cry like a baby if you became blind because of ugly "colourful" suits wore by an old lunatic?

  2. Bring it, Cherry.

    (Yes, once upon a time I was given the nickname Zorkon, Master of the Universe. Woooo 6th grade. Anyhow, my first, ill-fated attempt at a blog was )

  3. Amazing. Simply fucking amazing. Thanks for the heads up, this is great material. I will be sure to give you the proper linkage.