Sunday, February 8, 2009

Brookbank.... the new Ference?

It used to be not 2 or three years ago that if the trade deadline was approaching, a Ference was on the move. Andrew and Brad had a knack for getting traded at least once a year.

Times are changing in the NHL though. In the past week, not one Brookbank but two Brookbanks were traded. I moved down the hall and my parents can't get my address right. Can you imagine the Brookbanks dealing with Sheldon and Wade (seriously, Sheldon? Wade? Was Milton not quite talented enough? Goodness, Brookbank family.(actually, the third Brookbank brother is named 'Leigh'))

So, now that this is settled, and we've all said "Brookbank Brothers" at least twice, are the Brookbanks now to the trade deadline as the robin is to Spring? Perhaps.

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