Monday, February 9, 2009

Noah From Maine Wants to Resurrect Milbury's Coaching Career

Since we've been doing full on Milbury talk for the past week here, I might as well torture you with one more little piece.

During Saturday's Flyers/Bruins game, Milbury wasn't on the NESN telecast since he was in Pittsburgh for Sunday's Pens/Wings game. But that doesn't mean the folks on NESN have to stop talking about him. During one of the intermissions, Kathryn Tappen and Gord Kluzak took a question from the viewers. And you can guess what that question is about...

Was that seriously the best question they received? Furthermore, is there any universe in which that is a relevant question?

I think Noah from Maine is likely the only Bruins fan who is thinking about ousting Claude Julien and replacing him with Mike Milbury right now. No, being the best team in the league by six points in February isn't enough. We need Mad Mike to torpedo the operation, too.

Somehow, I think Noah's real name might be "Mike" and his last name might end in "ilbury." Either that or the producers decided to have a little fun in Mike's absence.

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