Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sharks at Bruins: The Biggest Game Nobody Cares About

Am I wrong here? Is anyone outside of San Jose and Boston really getting excited about this?

This is not going to be Joe Thornton's first game back in Boston since The Trade. If this was Sunday, NBC probably wouldn't make it their game of the week.

So, maybe it's just me (probably is), but does anyone really care about this game tonight? I mean, seriously. It's the top two teams in the league standings, but I've seen more build up for a mid-March game between the Thrashers and Coyotes.

OK, obviously this is a big "measuring stick" game for the folks in Boston and San Jose. I'm sure they're all excited for it. I'm just not sure anyone else is. Although, maybe I shouldn't be talking. After all, we could get stuck with another Penguins/Red Wings snoozer where the most action takes place during intermission.


  1. I am big time caring Kev, big time.

    The reason, this game does not involve the Pens, Wings, Rangers, Devils or Flyers. Living in the NYC market and seeing these teams regularly and then being subjected to them on Vs and NBC all I can say is thank Jeebus these two teams are playing each other tonight!

  2. Fair enough. That used to piss me off too before I got center ice. Nothing is more exciting than Flyers/Rangers every week!

  3. loving the sarcasm. . .
    or at least, I'm hoping it is.

  4. of course NBC will not care as it does not involve the Rangers nor the Penguins.