Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Questions I'd like to Ask an NHLer

I know I have heard complaints from other hockey bloggers that interviews with players, with the occasional translation LOLS, are boring. Some of this may be from the players themselves--trained to give only bland answers so as not to offend anyone ever. However, I think quite a bit of the problem comes form the questions asked by the reporters. I mean, asking a player "you're down 3-1, what do you plan to do?" doesn't allow for a whole lot of personality to shine. Therfore, I am taking this post as a chance to show some more interesting questions that I would like to ask an NHLer (glove tap to the lovely Heather at Wrap Around Curl for letting me bounce ideas off her.)

1: What would win in a fight: a polar bear, or a gorilla with a chainsaw?
2: (to Sidney Crosby or Tomas Holmstrom) : What cha gonna do wit all that junk inside dat trunk? Seriously, man, it's like a Buick back there
3: Do you believe in life after love?
4: Have you ever had a threesome?
5: What ringtone plays when your mom calls?
6: Cuthbert or Milano (note: I guarantee at least one NHLer would say "Milano, 'cuz those cookies are AWESOME!"
7: Would you rather eat a maggot filled pie or practice wearing only a cup and skates?
8: Slip n slide, or Twister?
9: Would you rather have no arms or no legs?
10: How long do you wait to call a girl after taking her out to a seafood dinner?
11: If you could be on any game show what would it be?
12: Do you have a nightmare that just scares the living hell out of you?
13: Do you have a teammate you just want to ninja kick in the face?
14: Tupac or Biggie? Snoop or Dre? (ok 2-parter, whatever)
15: How much cheese do you think you could eat in one sitting?

any suggestions? as usual, leave 'em below


  1. How about Twister on the slip and slide nugget?

    Tupac, and Snoop.

    My nightmares usually involve Andrew Raycroft.

  2. According to the Wild media guide, James Sheppard's favorite food is cheese (really, Shep? really?). So we should ask him that question ASAP.