Monday, March 9, 2009

Catering to the Toronto 'urban' community

[Somewhere in Toronto]

Brian Burke: Jamal, we obviously aren't very good this year. Instead of trying to win the Cup, we need to work on getting new fans.

Jamal Mayers: Good thinking. What do you need me to do?

Burke: Well, Jamal we would like you to engage in our.... urban fans.

Mayers: Urban fans?

Burke: Yeah... See, your name is Jamal, and I think you're (whispers) black. So I think you have a unique... uh... perspective on this.

Mayers: You want me to try and get black fans? Is that what you're saying? But aren't the only other black people in Toronto Chris Bosh and Kardinal Offishall?

Burke: I can see that you are a little nervous spearheading this community outreach program, so we went out and acquired a veteran with was born in Africa. I think that makes him African-American.

Olaf Kolzig: What's up, guys?

Mayers: Wow, we suck at everything.


  1. BWAHAHAHA That's amazing.

    Note: just to clarify, Toronto has a huge black community.

    And you forgot Choclair.

  2. I had no idea where you were going with this post but then you brought it on home. Toronto, where goaltenders go to die.

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