Monday, December 17, 2007

Checking in With the Goons

It's been a while and I'd say it's about time to update the standings for the BMR Bad Boys Award. How this works is that the team with the most total man games of suspensions will be crowned champions. The budget around here doesn't really provide for any actual awards, but there's certainly bragging rights to be had. Yes, lots and lots of bragging rights.

Since the last time the standings were updated, the Carolina Hurricanes got themselves on the scoreboard with a one game suspension from Scott Walker. Walker head butted Ottawa's Mike Fisher, in a blatant attempt to kick-start his team's run at the Bad Boys Championship.

That championship run will be a mountain to climb, as the Flyers continued to build their lead in the standings. Thanks to a three game suspension from Riley Cote, the Flyers now have lost a total of 52 man games due to suspension. It's going to be hard for any team to catch them, so the rest of the NHL had better get it's act together quick.


  1. Love the scoreboard, Kevin. The only thing is that the Maple Leafs don't follow grammatical rules. ;o)

  2. The Islanders might be making a run at first thanks to Chris Simon.