Monday, December 17, 2007

Gary Roberts is Full of Rage and Destruction

Last Tuesday Gary Roberts, a 41-year old beast of a man, took down Philadelphia's Ben Eager. It marked what was likely the first time all season that a Philadelphia Flyer had been the on the receiving end of a beating, considering all the suspensions that they have earned.

As if he was a man possessed by wildebeests, or maybe just the spirit of Sly Stallone, Roberts decided to go up against New York Islander defenseman Andy Sutton on Saturday night. Completely ignoring the fact that Sutton is 6'6, Roberts put up his dukes and the end result was Roberts handing out another can of whoop ass. Suffice to say that the results were not pretty. For Sutton anyway. To be fair, Sutton did put up much more of a fight than Eager, but in the end it was Roberts who ended up on top.

Before you watch the video, let me remind you that Roberts was giving up three inches and about 30 pounds in this bout. Gary Roberts, clearly, is inhuman.

h/t Going Five Hole

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  1. Sutton, clearly, is a piece of headhunting garbage who - like his teammate Simon the Barbarian - deserves to be banned from hockey. Major props to the old geezer for showing that AARP members won't stand for having their Matlock taken away.