Sunday, May 11, 2008

And We'll Leave the Final Word for Wyshynski

Today is BMR's 1st birthday and throughout the day our friends, both real and fictional, will be stopping by to join the festivities. To wrap it up, here's Greg Wyshynski from Yahoo! Sports.

To be honest, I always felt the name of the blog was misleading. Does Barry Melrose, indeed, rock? If we mean "rock" in the sense that he's wicked cool, I'd have to disagree -- he's more like that burned out English teacher in high school that you try and goad into conversations about Jack Nicholson films because you know he stopped caring about 15 years ago. If we mean "rock" in the sense that he's actually rock 'n roll ... again, I must disagree, because he's always seemed like the guy at the concert who screams out the name of a song that the band will obviously be playing at some point, in most likely in the encore. Yeah, dumbass, the Meat Puppets are going to play "Backwater." It's, like, their only song. Oh well, name aside, Schultz is one of the funniest hockey writers on the Web and this site really doesn't suck as much as so many people tell me it does. On a daily basis. Devils in nine, if they kept the series going. Out.

Greg Wyshynski

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