Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Birthday from PensBlog (Who are, You Know, Actual People)

Today is BMR's 1st birthday and throughout the day our friends, both real and fictional, will be stopping by to join the festivities. Joining the party now are the boys from Pensblog.

May 11 is sometimes a big day. Without factoring in leap years, Mother's Day lands on 5/11 every 7 years. Probably. Whatev.

But in 2007, that all changed when Barry Melrose Rocks came onto the internet. Now, every year, 5/11 is a glorious day that makes everyone think what their life would be if BMR wasn't in the bookmarks bar in Firefox.

Barry, you invited us to guest-blog on BMR this season, and we enjoyed the opportunity. NHL blogs encompassing the entire NHL are few and far between. While some people don't have content or are real lazy, you have somehow achieved to combine both while bringing BMR to heights reserved for Al Gore.

You've become a daily stop for us, and we hope we are the same to you.
Happy Birthday.

-Pensblog Staff

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