Monday, June 9, 2008

Guest Postin': Is 'The Love Guru' Actually a Hockey Movie?

The following is brought to you by SCF Pick 'Em winner and regular BMRer Loser Domi. When she's not trying to create a masterplan for Toronto Maple Leafs world domination she can be found at her blog, the Wonderful World of Loser Domi.

Justin Timberlake looks like a young Burt Reynolds. Creepy.

Howdy ho, cats and kittens! Even though I, Loser Domi, usually write about imaginary happenings, I'd like to take a break from that and write about something that's well, a little more like reality. Over the past few months there have been promotions for the movie "The Love Guru." Now, since this movie involves the Leafs and I am a Leafs fan with a blog, I've gotten an official sounding email about it (so have some other bloggers.)

I first saw a trailer for it around March (I think) over at Scarlett Ice (sorry Sherry, I forgot which post it was). It seemed much more hockey oriented, plus it had Justin Timberlake showing off his outrageous Québécois ahk-sahnt. However, the trailers I saw during the playoffs (and as a preview before "Iron Man") seemed to have almost no hockey in them. Seriously—aside from the odd shot of the Leafs logo in the background or someone getting hit with a puck, there was no hockey content. This got me thinking: does "The Love Guru" constitute a hockey movie? Judging solely from the previews I've seen, I'll have to say no, it doesn't.

As far as I can tell, the Maple Leafs are featured only because Mike Myers happens to be a huge Leafs fan. Much like "Happy Gilmore", instead of being about a hockey team, it is about a hockey player. This movie could have been about any other player in any other sport had the author been a fan of another team and yet remain almost exactly the same movie. For instance, had Stephen King been in charge, the team used would have been the Boston Red Sox (although I suspect there wouldn't be as many midget jokes.) Had Drew Carey written the script, the featured team would have been the Clevland Browns, except, I don't know, everyone would sing in Pig Latin or something. Jack Nicholson writes it and you get a movie about the Lakers. And so on.

Then again, I haven't seen the movie or done any further research on it. I could be totally wrong about everything I just said. No matter how this movie turns out, I have to agree with fellow Leaf blogger and generally awesome guy Pension Plan Puppets:

"If that movie doesn't end with the Leafs winning the Cup I'll want my $10 back!"—PPP

Amen, brother. And GO LEAFS GO!

(And since we're talking about a movie containing Jessica Alba, well, here ya go. - KS)


  1. "I am French. Why do you think I have this outraaaaageous accent!"

    And it looks every bit like a type of movie I hate, but I would watch it if I didn't have to pay for it since it is remotely hockey related.

  2. I think the better question is "The Love Guru" actually a movie? From looking at the trailers, it just seems like strung together SNL-rejected skits. Or any movie Will Farrell has done recently. Pass.

    But kudos to you LD for choosing the right team!

  3. sherry, watching the outraaaaageous ahk-sahnt was one of the best bits I saw in ANY trailer. I was so disappointed when it got cut out of trailers.

    blackcapricorn, that's a good question. Certainly something to consider...