Monday, June 9, 2008

You Can Be the Proud Owner of This Arena

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Many times when a major piece of real estate is bought and sold, it is done so behind closed doors. Many times, the Average Joes out there like you and me don't have an opportunity to purchase some of the great arenas that come up for sale in this great nation.

This is not one of those times.

The Steel Ice Center in Bethlehem, PA is up for auction. And they're advertising it in the New York Times because, well, they're probably desperate. For only $6.75 million you can be the proud owner of this five year old facility in the heart of steel country, Pennsylvania. It's got two NHL-sized rink but, sadly, no minor league or pro hockey teams. It's up to you to bring that in.

All bids must be in by July 1st at 3PM. I'll be giving it a shot, assuming I can convince a bank that I'm worthy of a $7 million loan. In other words, it's all yours.

Happy bidding!


  1. You want to see the books first.

    Some rinks make money. Some lose it at a prodigeous rate.

  2. Hey Kevin- what if the whole blogosphere set up a fund to purchase this bad boy? Spread the word!

    (scrambles to find coins in couch)

  3. Do they accept PayPal? How about IOUs? What if we had a bottle drive?

  4. I'm all for buying this puppy, but somehow I think Mr. Leonsis would have to be involved.

    Maybe with the bad economy we can get a discount!

  5. We know what we have to do.
    Bake sale.

    Let's get cookin'.

  6. If they did get a pro minor league team.. what would they call themselves? Bethlehem Stables?