Monday, June 2, 2008

Knob Hockey is Back and Just in Time

Last year a bunch of knuckleheads from the website put out some ridiculous hockey videos during the playoffs. The videos featured inatimate table hockey figures portraying their real life counterparts. It was one of the funniest things to come around in a long time.

Now, on the day of potentially the last game of the year, they're back. And they're about to set the internet on fire again. Hide your women and your churches, Knob Hockey is back to pillage our little imaginary internet village.

There are eight videos in all and they're available via the YouTubes. Careful friends, some of them might be a bit NSFW. My personal favorite is attached to this post. The portrayal of Sidney Crosby is Coolney-esque. Oh and take a close look at the Flyers' logo.


  1. I LOVE the knobhockey guys. The ones they did about Ryan Smyth 2 (3?) years ago were greatness, as were the COnklin one for the same year and the Senes prank calls from last year. Now I feel so disappointed that my internet can't handle the Youtubes. :/

  2. Amazing.
    I loved the Fleury-Holmstrom one.