Saturday, October 11, 2008

Marty Brodeur's Answer to Carey Price's SOTY

Marty Brodeur must have been pissed off watching us all crown Carey Price's stick save as the save of the year -- during the pre-season.

I can imagine Marty, half crazed, sitting a dimly lit basement with random crap strewn about... He's just sitting there in front of an old TV watching the replay of Price's save over and over and over... Just sitting there and stewing over it.

Last night the Devils opened their season against the Islanders and Marty made what was easily the save of the game. He shut the door on Mike Comrie with about :13 left, protecting the Devs' 2-1 lead. And yes, it was a sick stick save.

So, Carey Price, it is now your move. You have been challenged by the Council of Elders. They would like you to prove your worth to them. Accept, if you dare.

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