Saturday, October 11, 2008

Reader Commentary Theatre

Ah yes, it's the day late edition of RCT. Half the price of fresh baked RCT, but still satisfying.

There's actually a record number of featured comments this week because you all kicked so much butt. I'm glad to see you all working so hard... Or spending less time doing actual work so you can sharpen your commenting skills. Either way, enjoy the following commentary goodness...

Sources from Toronto say the bus was quite a steal, but in rather poor condition, as the former tour bus for Guns N Roses. "man, that was hard to clean up", said an MLSE representative yesterday.

- Loser Domi on Tuesday's Hockey News

I'm happy with this european opening of the season. It's nice to see the nhl thinking about its european fans. But I'm more skeptical about a future expansion in Europe. Not only because of travel and logistics, but also because of the cultural aspect of things. Europeans who love hockey already have favourite teams and enemies. I'm not so sure the prestige of the nhl brand would be enough to divert fans from their original teams to support new franchises. Especially if there are only 6 to 8 of them in Europe.

- the soft european on Why in the World Are You Opening in Europe?

he can't help it, it his how the Crosborg was programed

- Jaredoflondon on An Unsolicited Letter to Sidney Crosby

He gets two cents? You make me pay to write here....

- Ryan on An Unsolicited Letter to Sideny Crosby

Man, not even the cat is picking the Blues to go to the playoffs.

We're screwed.

-StlBlues67 on Your Obligatory (and Belated) Pre-Season Prediction Post

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