Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Mad Mike Rule #37: Whatever You Do, Don't Ask Him About Tim Connolly on Live TV

Mike Milbury and Tim Connolly have a bit of a history. Milbury drafted Connolly in 1999 when he was GM of the Islanders and then subsequently shipped him off to Buffalo two years later in a draft day trade. I have no idea what things were like behind the scenes, but after tonight, I think I've got a pretty good idea.

Thanks to NHL GameCenter -- the best invention ever -- I am currently watching the Bruins/Flyers game tonight. Milbury is the studio analyst for NESN, the Bruins network. He's flanked by a nice young lady who is the studio host, Kathryn Tappen.

During the second intermission, they're going through highlights from games around the league. You would think things would be pretty tame. I know, it's Milbury, but we're talking about simple highlights here. Well, when they get to highlights of the Buffalo game, they play the video of Connolly's goal, which opened the scoring. Tappen decides to ask Milbury for some comments on Connolly and he responds in the way we've kind of come to expect: "Yeah, when he's not being a self-centered little dick [he's pretty good.]" "Tim Connolly, a former fifth overall pick...when he's not injured or acting like a self-centered little dick he's a very good player"

Live TV and folks who don't have any internal mute buttons, a match made in heaven! A big thanks to NESN for giving Milbury a mic when he's not on NBC or CBC. You're keeping the masses entertained!

I'm currently banging my head against the wall for not pressing 'record' on my video capture program, but as soon as video surfaces on YouTube, it'll be here. For now, I'm going to go have some Advil.

UPDATE is here.


  1. Better grab a couple Advils for Connolly too.

  2. I'm glad to see someone else caught this, I had to replay it several times (DVR) to get what was fully said.

    I got "Tim Connolly, a former fifth overall pick...when he's not injured or acting like a self-centered little dick he's a very good player". It's also very possible that he said "dink"...something I'm leaning towards the more and more I replay this.

    In Tappan's defense, she didn't solicit Milbury's comments. He just added his own color commentary after she was done recapping the status of the Sabres game.

  3. Thanks, Doobie... I'm going to update the post with what you said. I'm certainly not trying to blame Tappen, was trying to set the scene.

  4. Between Milbury, and Jack Edwards and Brickley doing the games, the Bruin's telecasts on NESN are hysterical and entertaining. If you want any proof of that youtube the Henry/Thornton fight from Sunday's Habs game and listen to Edwards.
    Hilarious. There's also a new show on NESN called "Instigators" with all 3 of them talking NHL. Must See TV around here...

  5. haha, NESN provides quality entertainment every time either of those 3 are on. Edwards, Brick, and Milbury are hard to take seriously, but always provide some serious comedy.