Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Quite Possibly the Most Memorable Moment of Your 2008-09 Maple Leafs Season

I'm not about to go as far as my friend Sean Leahy did and call this the goal of the year, but it's certainly one of the most unique goals we've seen in a while. It also may be the only thing worth remembering about your 08-09 Maple Leafs (sorry, Domi).

To be fair, there's not much to remember about the Islanders if they end up with the fifth pick or, you know, move to Kansas City.

Anyway, this is a real blue collar goal. Niklas Hagman of the Leafs going up against the ref, the puck and the Florida Panthers. Everything seemed to be working against him on this shift -- and then he scored a pretty goal.

Hagman gets knocked down by the ref, takes a knee from an opponent and then takes a puck off the visor. And people say visors are for losers! Hagman might have ended up like Bryan Berard had he not been wearing it. Later in the possession he gets the puck along the goal line and manages to deke out not one, not two, but three defenders on his way to putting the puck past goalie Craig Anderson. For that effort, I would tip my cap to him if I was wearing one right now.

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