Monday, February 23, 2009

Memo to the Blogosphere: Brian Burke's Twitter Account Isn't Actually Him

Probably one of the funniest things to come out of the hockey blogosphere this season has been some fake Twitter accounts. There's a whole bunch out there including Mike Milbury and Gary Bettman. It also appears that there are some real ones out there too. To my eye, it seems the Pierre McGuire Twitter is actually him (read: boring and unoffensive).

The funniest of the fake Twitter bunch is by far Brian Burke. Apparently, the 'fake' part has gotten lost on some people. I guess for some it's not too hard to believe that this is something an NHL GM would actually say in public about another GM:

@BryanMurray: Next time you want to trade a first round pick for a bag of crap, give me a call. I have several bags available.

And then there are the jabs at his own players:

@JasonBlake: You know, there are some really nice tanning salons in Toronto. Even an hour or two a week can work wonders. Just saying.

Come on, people. This stuff is hilarious and you're being a total Buzz Killington by missing the boat. Is your sarcasm really that bad or do you seriously think this stuff was written by Burke?

Update: And it might be getting shut down...

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