Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Fun with Injuries

You know, I think that if I were a coach, I'd have fun with filing injury reports. I wouldn't bother with "general body soreness" or "lower body injury" nonsense. Here are some of the more "creative" injuries that I would list

*Leprechaun bite
*Ebola virus
*Hot dog fingers
*bad hair day
*World of Warcraft wrist
*explosive diarrhea
*player is actually 3 ducks in a man costume
*"but coach, it burns when I pee"
*nasty papers the swimsuit area
*blacked out in the sewer (like a boss)
*bruised pelvis--puck bunny attack

Suggestions? leave them in the comments


  1. * Guitar hero elbow
    * Yanked Crank
    * Dropped it like it was hot
    * Harshed mellow

    Leprechaun bites sting like a mofo, though

  2. Strained arm/back due to a pillow fight accident

  3. *Saturday Night Wrist

    See Urban Dictionary

  4. The most common injury isn't listed because jocks don't know how to spell 'chlamydia'