Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Apparently This is All That Philadelphia Has to Look Forward to Next Season

Historic Moments In NHL Marketing

The rest of that sentence read '...thanks for the memories.' What extraordinary memories they were, indeed.

If you're not familiar with the Flyers, and chances are you're not, then you might not have noticed Shawn Hill, a.k.a. Orange Dancin' Guy, a.k.a. Dancin' Shawny. Let me introduce you. Hill is probably the NHL's best 'dancing, chubby guy who's got season tickets in the upper deck'.

During the second half of the season, he found his way onto the JumboTron at the Wachovia Center during many of the Flyers' home games. He's probably the most talented JumboTron dancer out there and, as it turns out, he does a very entertaining emulation of Thriller.

You could certainly make the argument that at some point during the season, what Hill was doing from his perch in the upper deck became way more entertaining than whatever was happening on the ice. If you weren't paying attention, this season the Flyers went 22-48-12 for a grand total of 58 points and won the dubious distinction of being the worst team in the NHL. That was also the team's lowest point total in franchise history, which includes their inaugural season in 1967-68 when there were, you know, 12 NHL teams. It's really an impressive feat, considering the extra point teams now gain for simply making it to overtime. But I digress.

Now, put this heart warming story together with the Flyers' ice cold record and the conclusion that came from the Flyers' marketing department is an interesting one, although it does show that NHL clubs are now thinking past using hot girls to market their team. Every team has their own set of 'ice girls', including Carolina, Dallas and Florida. In what has to be an NHL first, the Flyers have now used their Orange Dancin' Guy in a recent marketing campaign. Will awkwardly dancing white guys become the new NHL marketing fad? I'll believe ya when me shit turns purple and tastes like rainbow sherbet. For now, all I can really handle is one Orange Dancin' Guy, and I think that's all the ODG we need.

The following is a video tribute to Hill that, correct me if I'm wrong, the Flyers played at their last home game.

Whatever gets you through the season, Philadelphia. Whatever gets you through the season.

If you want to check out the marketing campaign, head over to the 700 Level. They even have a link to a video of ODG's spot.

And if you were wondering, he's got a MySpace. Naturally.


  1. So the Rangers AND the Flyers both have a dancing guy now? Well the Isles better get on the ball now!

  2. Every blogger should be required to work in the occasional, yet obligatory Super Troopers line.

    Who wants a mustache ride?

  3. Abso-FREAKIN-lutely!!!

    It's only the best movie ever, ya know.