Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sunday Wrap Up: New Jerseys, Possibly the Most Interesting Part of the Weekend

  • Awkward jersey designs: Feedback is still coming in about the new jerseys the league is using for next season. The Blue Jackets have put a really awkward looking collar on theirs... Oh and, I don't know about getting Malhotra on the back of it. It's about that time again.
  • More jersey madness: The Capitals went old school in their jersey design, and it looks pretty neat to me.
  • A complete listing of all the draft picks:
  • You know, we could have sexual intercourse right now. Yes, yes we could. But lets not: Apparently, Manny Fernandez was a few minutes away from going to Boston, but the Wild didn't want to take on Glen Murray's $4 million dollar deal.
  • The newspaper that puts the iladelp in Philadelphia: The Philadelphia Inquirer is reporting that the Oilers are trying to obtain the rights to Scott Gomez from the Devils. They would then trade those right to Philly for Joni Pitkanen. That makes my head hurt.
  • From the mouth of Larry Brooks: The New York Post's Larry Brooks always has a lot of information to convey, but take it for what it's worth. Today's highlights; Mark Messier is being controversial (wow, really?)... Alexei Yashin may opt to play overseas if he doesn't see a nice enough NHL contract (good riddance)... And Brett Hull may have been let go by NBC because the NHL doesn't like his commentary...

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