Saturday, July 28, 2007

Reason to Live Until Next Season #2

The summer months can be long, hot and boring. In hockey terms -- the summer sucks. Beach season is great and all, but it's also a reminder that hockey is still far, far away. Hockey fans, this summer, please try and keep your sanity. To help you survive the long summer months, I'll be taking the time to remind you of the reasons why it's a good idea to make sure you live to see next season. Please, don't do anything rash this summer.

Reason to Live #2: The "He Did What?!" Goals

These goals cross all cultural and lingual boundaries. It doesn't matter if you're rooting for these players or if you've never seen them play before. It doesn't matter if you understand what the announcers saying, or if you don't. Whether you're from Sweden, Vancouver or anywhere in between, as long as you speak the language of hockey, these are the kind of goals that will make your jaw drop.

These goals are what highlight reels are made of and they're the reason Sportscentre exists (the Canadian one). Every year, we're treated to tons of unbelievable goals. But these goals? These are special goals. They are the ones that show your friggin' grandpa something he's never seen before. When Bobby Orr flies towards the ice face first after scoring, or Alex Ovechkin scores on his back from zero angle, these moments are created and etched in our memories for years to come. They are the reason why you watch highlight reels in the first place.

The following, are some of the best from the 2006-07 season.

December 7, 2006 - Sidney Crosby > the New York Rangers

January 7, 2007 - Martin St. Louis does not like skating forwards.

Feburary 14, 2007 - This isn't a no look pass. This is Henrik Zetterberg's sixth sense.

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