Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Sharks Are Hip and With It

(C) San Jose Sharks

What you see before you is the new logo of the San Jose Sharks. It's hip, and exactly what all the kids are doing. If, you know, the kids were doing NHL logos. That didn't even make sense. Sorry.

Anyway, in an attempt to modernize their logo and sell lots of merchandise (which I'm sure they will) the Sharks have redesigned the logo they have had since the franchise's inception. Just in case you forgot, pictured below is the old one. Personally, I might have opted for making the shark fin shoulder patch a main logo, but it is a little plain. All in all, the Sharks did a good job. I'm proud of them for not opting to use either words or a cuddly looking shark in their new logo. It's pretty badass. And honestly, who needs words? Words blow.



  1. Honestly, from a distance (like on a player skating by) who the hell could tell the difference?

  2. Probably no one. It's really a pretty meaningless change.

  3. It's not so much the logo that is going to hurt, but the eventual jersey re-design.


    The orange is hideous. And very XFL-ish.