Friday, August 24, 2007

Justin Timerblake Plays LA King in Surprisingly Realistic Role

Hooray for Creepy Photoshopped Images!

If you haven't heard by now, Mike Myers has a new, lame movie in the works. And it's just our luck, too; it's going to involve a hockey player portrayed by Justin Timberlake. Now that's how to make a box office hit! Of course, by "box office hit" I mean movie that is probably going to rival Gigli for it's spot on the "we would be better off if this had never existed" list.

Anyway, as the folks at Battle of California pointed out today, Timberlake is going to be playing for the Los Angeles Kings in the movie. Sucks to be you, Kings Fans. But really, is this role that far from the truth? Isn't this (pictured right) what we imagine a Kings fan's wet dream to be?

Kidding, just kidding.

Seriously, though. If I had to pick a team that would fit Justin Timberlake perfectly, it would be the Kings, hands down. I don't know why. It just would be.

This is definetly going to be one of those things that Kings fans will have an awful lot of trouble living down. Ex-Boy Band Member and Current Metrosexual Pop Sensation portrays one of your own He-Man Masculine Hockey Players in a big Hollywood movie? Ouch. That's gonna leave a mark.

All that can really be salvaged out of all this is that Timberlake will be co-starring with Jessica Alba in the movie. Hell. Yeah.


  1. ...*sputters non-sensical syllables for about 10 minutes trying to make sense of this story released in some witty quip*

    Someone over at BoC mentioned Mike Myers was starting to make worse and worse movies. The only wit I can come up with is that perhaps if Mike Myers really had married an ax murderer, this...this...thing of a movie never would have happened.

    No? Sorry--I'll just show myself out, then.

  2. Alba is a slight consolation, but nothing in comparison to the proper casting choice - Elisha Cuthbert.