Friday, September 21, 2007

Canada: No Longer Half Price

South Park Mothers Against Canada

Well folks, you can forget about traveling to Canada any time soon. The Canadian Dollar is now equal to it's American counterpart, and that ushers in a new era. An era in which Americans going to Canada won't find half price hookers and half dollar beer nights. That's right. If you can remember all the way back to January 2003, Americans were getting an extra 65 cents on their Canadian Dollars. Today, not so much.

So how did Canada make such a big comeback? The answer isn't so much that Canada is making a comeback as much as the American Dollar is underachieving like it's Mike York and Sergei Samsonov rolled into one. This is yet another sign that the (American) apocalypse is upon us. I'm going to start buying canned food and batteries right now. Actually, I'll probably just move to Canada. That's so much easier.

You may not be able to get things at half price when you to go Canada anymore, but at least the drinking age in Canada is still 18. And there's free health care. And the rest of the world likes them. And there's lots and lots of hockey.

How much longer until the 2008 elections?


  1. I was up there recently and the lead story on TSN in the first week of Sept. was hockey I considered burning my passport and announcing my allegiance to Alexander Keith.

  2. As an American living/colleging in Canada, I've heard all about this all summer long. By the way: drinking age is 19 in some places like Ontario and BC, so it isn't a country wide policy. Where I am (Southern Quebec)the drinking age is just a suggestion.

    @blackcapricorn: Keith's is a good choice. I'll probably be having some later, actually.

  3. @blackcapricorn: how did you resist??