Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Impressive Linguistic Talents - October 30th

The best comments from the past week...

The Golden Mullet
justin on Dan LeBatard is a Ridiculous Human Being

I just body-slammed my next door neighbors 7 year old, and then she was all complaining and whatnot. But I'm like, "Hey, how come they can do it in the WWE and no one calls the cops on them".
Awesome. Just awesome.

Second Place, the Silver Mullet, You Might Say
mike on Dan LeBatard is a Ridiculous Human Being
Personally, I always thought they gave out suspensions in basketball because they are so horrible at fighting. Seriously, it like an 8-year-old slap fight, or some jackass running across the court, cheapshotting somebody else, then running away.

The Bronze Mullet
dearlordstanley on If This is Anything Like a High School Reunion, It's Going to Suck
As far as Wirtz goes, "My Dad was an idiot on the TV thing" doesn't quite have the same ring to it.

...and +5 to bryce and loser domi. See? My memory is better than that of a goldfish.


  1. Whoo boy-- a bright, shiny +5! It's so pretty! Thanks, Kevin! Just remember to BRUSH YOUR TEEETH!!

  2. I accept this Golden Mullet with much honor and pride. At this time I would just like to put everyone from my high school, who thought I wouldn't amount to anything, on notice. Who's the big loser now?