Sunday, October 28, 2007

Minnesota vs. Paul Stastny: An Epic Battle for the Universe

This is madness! THIS... IS... CAKETOWN!!!
AP Photo/Paul Battaglia

OK, so this isn't quite the epic battle it was when these two teams met last Sunday, since the Wild are on a losing streak for the first time this season and Paul Stastny hasn't had a point in three games, but it's an epic battle nonetheless.

We have only one period remaining to prepare ourselves to face the fate of the known universe. Will worlds collide? Will Paul Stastny ever score again? Does anyone other than me really care?

Soon, we will know the answers to such epic questions.

Soon, I will stop over using the word epic. But not today.

(+5 to anyone who gets the reference in the caption.)


  1. That would be 300: PG Version, my good sir.

    ps paul stastny likes dudes.

  2. Demitra is listed as day to day, Gaborik is suffering through his inevitable groin injury. It just goes to show that Slovaks don't belong in Minnesota. Branko Radivojevic better watch his back.
    (has Radivojevic ever been typed in any comments for any blog anywhere?)

  3. The 30o pg version is one of the choicest clips on youtube, in my opinion.

    for those of you who have yet to experience the greatness:

    and oh yeah...FROSSSSTINNGG!!

  4. ryan: sure he has. I'm fairly sure he was selected on Mike Chen's blog last year in the crappy player pool.

    Can't say he didn't meet expectations as far as that goes.